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Is it dangerous? Can anyone use Aeriashield by Moskitofree devices?
Our devices have no contraindication. They do not use chemicals, pesticides, waves or infrared. The fragile people (asthmatic, carrier of pacemaker, allergic) as well as the children can wear our devices. Our devices also do not produce ultra sound, so pets are also safe.

Why were the tests not carried out on the strain of Covid 19?
Covid-19 is part of the human coronavirus family. The technology of the Aeriashield devices eliminates all human coronaviruses from the air, which is why the tests are carried out on the twin control strain of the Covid-19 coronavirus, strain 229E. The 2019-nCoV virus is reserved for research.

Why have our products been tested in confined spaces?
Confined spaces are more dangerous for an obvious reason: in a promiscuous situation, there is more risk of rubbing shoulders without respecting the recommended physical distance. Since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic, it is frequently recalled that the virus is transmitted mainly by droplets projected when we sneeze or cough. But also by aerosols, much finer microdroplets emitted by simple speech or breathing. In a poorly ventilated or ventilated enclosed space, the risk of contamination is then much greater. This is why the tests were carried out in the laboratory by the Institut Pasteur de Lille * to see the effectiveness of the devices under the worst conditions of use, namely in a closed environment.


* The Aeriashield device, tested by the Institut Pasteur de Lille, eliminates up to 99% of human coronaviruses HCoV-229E under laboratory conditions (95.8% in 10 minutes for the Aeriashield Family and 93.5% in 10 minutes for the Forever and 99% in 5 minutes for the Travel) *. The human coronavirus HCoV-229E is a different coronavirus but from the same family as the causative agent of COVID-19, SARS-CoV2. * 1.4 m3 sealed enclosure without air renewal.


Has the device's effectiveness been tested in an open air environment?
To date, there is no test report on the effectiveness of the device in the open air. In the open air there is an important parameter which is the wind which carries viruses but also negative ions.

I can smell a slight odor when my device is in use, is this normal?
Our devices give off a slight smell of fresh air, the same as you might experience at the bottom of a waterfall or after a thunderstorm. This smell is due to the creation of ozone by our devices which destroys the coronaviruses in the air. As soon as ozone is formed by our generator and dispersed in a room, part of it is degraded into oxygen. Oxidation reactions with odors also create ozone degrading compounds. Disinfection (bacteria, viruses, etc.) by oxidation will also consume the ozone in the room. The quantity of ozone emitted by our devices is much lower than the limit authorized by the French health authorities. There is therefore no risk to your health.

For more information on Aeriashield by Moskitofree technology, see our "Technology" page




Do I have to buy refills or cartridges in addition to the device?
Our devices do not require refills or cartridges, you do not have any consumables to buy in addition to the device.

Can we cover the outputs of the device?
No, it is not recommended to cover them, otherwise the device loses all its effectiveness.

How long is my device guaranteed? 
All our Aeriashield by Moskitofree devices have a two-year legal warranty.

Can I use the devices on charge? 
Forever and Travel: does not work while the device is charging. We therefore advise you to recharge them at night. Family: It is not recommended to use the device on charge, for the battery life.

Can my device work in the rain?
Our current product line is not water resistant. However, our research and development team has taken this point into account in the development of our future products.

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